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Blackjack is probably one of the oldest and most popular casino games that you can ever play. The classic blackjack that you can find in any land-based or online casino is by far the most popular variation of the game. However, over the past few years, many variations of the world-popular blackjack have appeared.

One of the most impressive variations of the classic game is without a doubt Blackjack Switch, which is differentiated from the original one in many ways but can be even more thrilling for casino lovers to play. Basically, blackjack switch tables can be found mainly online, whereas almost any online casino site has some switch tables.

No matter that Blackjack Switch has different rules from the original version, it still has a lot in common with the classical game. However, in order to help you be successful in playing this game, and also create a basic strategy to win in the long term, we decided on covering everything you may need to know about Blackjack Switch.

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What is a Blackjack Switch?

Blackjack Switch is a variation of the classical blackjack game, where instead of one hand dealt, you get two. Once you get the four initial cards, you will be able to switch cards. But, of course, there is a rule for that, once you got your two pairs, you will be able to switch the top cards.

This variation of Blackjack was invented by Geoff Hall in 2003. The whole idea behind this variation of the game came after he was playing at two tables simultaneously. He got two very weak hands and thought that they could be drastically improved if the top cards could be replaced with each other, which started the idea of the Blackjack Switch.

In 2009, the switching strategy of blackjack became patented and started gaining popularity all over the world at a very fast rate. Since then, the game has become available in online casinos, and now it is mainly played online, but can also be played in some Las Vegas casinos.

What are the Rules and Gameplay of Blackjack Switch?

As you already know, the Blackjack switch is a variation of blackjack, which follows switching strategies. Unlike the classic version, in blackjack switch, you will be dealt two hands, which top cards you can switch to make a super match, giving you a very good house edge.

To play these two hands, you will have to place two equal bets for each one, considering the fact that they are two separate hands. For blackjack switch games, the number of decks can vary. There are variations with four, six, or eight decks. So, if you are relying on card counting, you will have to keep that in mind.

Apart from that, all other rules remain the same as in the classical blackjack variant. Also, the peek rule for the dealer remains. He can check if he is natural, whenever he gets an ace or a ten. At most online casinos, you will have the option to put insurance against the dealer's upcard, if it's an ace or a ten, with odds of 2:1.

Another interesting rule that you can take advantage of, is that you can still re-split your initial four cards, up to 3 times, with a maximum of four hands.

How to Start Playing Blackjack Switch?

At first, the blackjack switch may sound a little frustrating, but do not worry, we are going to explain to you how to start playing the game step-by-step.

  • Once you sit on a blackjack switch table, you and all the other players will be dealt with two hands. The dealer will deal one hand for themselves.
  • Then, you have the freedom to switch, hit, or double, in order to have the best possible hands for a perfect playing position.
  • When you are done with your hands and get as close to 21 as possible, you can stand and see if your simple switching strategy actually worked.
  • After that, the dealer will turn their facedown cards and play as in classical blackjack.

Unique Blackjack Switch Rules

To help you understand how to play Blackjack Switch, we are going to group the rules that differentiate it from the classical version of the game.

  • Players can double down after they split,
  • When a player switches to making a blackjack, it will be counted as 21.
  • In most games, the dealer's hand hits a soft 17.
  • Blackjack Switch pays 1:1.
  • Insurance is available at odds of 2:1.
  • The house edge in Blackjack Switch is 0.13%.

Blackjack Switch Side Bets

As in most other blackjack games, in the switch variations, players also have access to side bets, which are also known as supermatch side bets. Basically, these rules are used by players who have advanced switching strategies, as more precision is required.

For side bets in Blackjack Switch, the rewards are in the case of two or more matching cards in any hand. Of course, the payouts may be different in various online casinos, but usually, you can expect payouts like that:

  • Any Pair - 1:1
  • Three of a Kind - 5:1
  • Two Pairs - 8:1
  • Four of a Kind - 40:1

How to Win at Blackjack Switch?

In order to be successful in this blackjack variation, you will have to be very well prepared and know when to make the switch decision. The best thing for you to do is find a good strategy to follow and stick to it no matter what.

What Switching Strategy to Choose?

Of course, there are plenty of switching strategies that you can find to use for your online blackjack betting experience. Unfortunately, as you will have two hands, you should have a more advanced switching strategy, in order to be prepared to play both. Still, a simple switching strategy can work, but you should improve as soon as possible.

No matter your strategy, everything begins after the initial deal, when you must decide if you want to split. Then, if not, you can continue with the basic strategy that you used for the classical variation.

Luckily, nowadays, you can find a switching calculator online, which can help you in any situation, to tell if it would be better to switch cards or not.

Overall, when to hit, stand or switch, should always be kept in mind when you are creating your strategy, but what else to look for?

  • Always keep your bankroll in mind, as every time you will be betting on two hands.
  • In most cases, insurance and side bets should be avoided.
  • You can switch the top cards only.
  • Keep in mind if you are playing with six decks, four, or eight.

Where is a Blackjack Switch available?

The blackjack switch has become quite popular over the past few years, as it gives you the option to play with two starting hands, trading cards between them, and also place money on every two cards. Many casino providers and casinos are into it, so you can literally find Blackjack Switch everywhere: in online casinos, in Las Vegas casinos, or any other.

Why Choose a Blackjack Switch?

By now, the blackjack switch should sound a little bit simpler, so it should have already attracted your attention. But, in order to help you decide if this is the best blackjack game type for you, let's see the main benefits of it.

  • The house edge in the blackjack switch is very low.
  • In Blackjack switch, you have the freedom to play with two hands, against the single dealer hand.
  • You can make a switch, or choose to remain with the current combination.
  • It allows you to experience different moves and situations.
  • You can benefit if you place a supermatch side bet.

Safety and Security Playing Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is a game variation which can be found in every top casino, no matter if it is online or land-based. Of course, usually this game type comes in a live format, which, as most of you already know, is a very safe option. When you are playing live tables, your data is protected by very advanced encryption technologies. In order to further increase security, you may have to take a look at the best online casino sites that are trusted and secure.

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What is a Blackjack Switch?

The blackjack switch is a variation of Blackjack, in which you will be dealt with two hands instead of the usual one. Once you have got your hands, you can make the decision to switch the top two cards, making a better combination. Also, you have to remember that you should always place money in your hands.

What to Do if the Dealer Hits a Soft 17?

It is not unusual to see that the dealer hits a soft 17 on the blackjack switch. Unfortunately, everything depends on what your card is and how you want to proceed. So, when the dealer hits soft 17, it is all up to your cards what to do.

What is the House Edge in Blackjack Switch?

House Edge in blackjack defines what profit the casino expects to make on each game, expressed in percentages. The Blackjack Switch is known as the blackjack variation with the lowest house edge. It is usually just 0.13%, which is quite low compared to other variations. In certain situations, like under the Standard Las Vegas rules, with six decks, if the dealer hits a soft 17, and the switched blackjack is 21, the house edge will be 0.58%.

Which Casinos Offer Blackjack Switch Tables?

There are plenty of online casino sites that have blackjack casino tables. Of course, in order to pick the best one, you have to determine what your requirements and expectations are so that the casino fits them.

What Strategy to Use for Playing Blackjack Switch?

One of the hardest things in playing blackjack switch is what strategy to follow. Of course, there are plenty of strategies that you can follow regarding what to do when the dealer stands a certain hand, hits, or even if the dealer plays. But, in Blackjack switch, you also have to think about your bankroll, as every time, you will be placing more funds as you play with two hands.

What is a Side Bet on a Blackjack Switch?

A side bet, also known as a supermatch side bet, is when you place a bet, aside from the main game, rewarded if player hands consist of two or more matching cards. For example, if a player's hands have two pairs, the payout will be 8:1; in the case of four of a kind, the payouts will be 40:1. But, as in any other variation of blackjack, in the switch variation, it is not very profitable to place any side bet.

Who Invented the Blackjack Switch?

The blackjack switch was invented by Geoff Hill, who was playing online at two blackjack tables, where he was dealt two very bad hands. But, he thought that they could be improved if the top cards were switched. That's how he got the idea for this variation. Geoff also invented some other variations of Blackjack, like Free Bet Blackjack, Zombie Blackjack, and also Zappit.