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With its headquarters on the paradise island of Mauritius, EasyEFT is a payment system widely available at online casinos in South Africa.

To use the system to make a deposit at an online casino, players must first register at EasyEFT and then link their bank account to the system. The majority of South African banks are supported. Payment is then taken using the player's EasyEFT account as an intermediary between the casino and the bank. No personal banking details are shared directly with the online casino.

As mentioned, EasyEFT is found predominantly at online casinos that cater towards the South African market. However, it is growing in popularity elsewhere.

How to deposit with EasyEFT?

How to deposit with EasyEFT?

Depositing with EasyEFT is an easy and seamless process but may seem a bit unconventional for players used to credit card payments. Their system uses a bank account and the EasyEFT system to deposit safely within minutes.

EasyEFT acts as a quick intermediary between the bank and the vendor or online casino. It takes you to your bank account login and deposits money without the usual long waiting times. Here is how a deposit is completed;

  1. Create an account with EasyEFT using a username and password. However, this is not a requirement to make payments. It is also important to check if the online casino uses EasyEFT as a deposit method before proceeding. You must also have registered and created an account with an online casino to make a deposit.

  2. Once registered with a casino of choice then check if it supports EasyEFT and goes to the naming or cashier section.

  3. Choose EasyEFT from the deposit methods and enter an amount to be deposited. Click the Next button. You will then be directed to the EasyEFT page. You must then select a bank for making the payment. The banking options are restricted to South African banks.

  4. Login into a personal banking account like normal. This usually just requires a banking username and password to complete the payment.

  5. Money is then deposited in an account for playing very quickly. A welcome bonus or another type of bonus may also show in the account after depositing.

How to deposit with EasyEFT?
How to make a withdrawal with EasyEFT?

How to make a withdrawal with EasyEFT?

The process for making a withdrawal with EasyEFT is similar to making a deposit. However, there are a few steps that are added to the withdrawal process. Follow these steps to complete it;

  • Go to the withdrawal page of the casino and choose EasyEFT. Follow the prompts to finish the transaction.
  • Enter an amount to be withdrawn from the online casino.
  • Select the bank that the funds are transferred to
  • Confirm the transaction

There is a registration requirement for withdrawing from EasyEFT. This is quick and simple to do. It just requires the user to create a login and password. Other personal details are also requested to create an account such as name, phone, and email

The processing times for a withdrawal will depend on the online casino and the bank in question. The withdrawal can take days to go through. There is also a verification process that requires documents.

These are usually requested by the online casino to identify the person making a withdrawal. A passport or licence may be requested to go through with the withdrawal. This is to prevent fraud and other malicious behaviour.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts do apply. This is easy to find out at the online casino. It can be found in the FAQ section of the site and it's also possible to contact customer service about this issue.

There are no fees required by EasyEFT but the casino may ask for fees. Check with the online casino about this. Banks also have their limits and fees. A quick check with them may also be required.

Mobiles can be used to make a withdrawal despite there being no app. Use any Android or iOS device and follow the same withdrawal process mentioned. Of course, there are many advantages to following this process. It is quick and can be completed at any location. Using a mobile is a great option for those wanting more convenience and a chance to relax on their terms.

EasyEFT is a popular withdrawal method in South Africa and is a relatively new method but has some benefits like not requiring a conversion of Rands to other currencies. It is also safe and secure despite the novel way that transactions are processed.

How to make a withdrawal with EasyEFT?
Safety and security at EasyEFT

Safety and security at EasyEFT

Safety and security at EasyEFT are similar to many other online casinos. The only obvious risk is hackers or other malicious types trying to gain access to the online casino or bank being used. There are obvious ways that both casinos and banks prevent such problems. Encryption and fraud detection software is used by EasyEFT and by banks.

While cryptocurrency might be useful for anonymity, there are still storage and security issues. EasyEFT is more conventional and accessible than cryptocurrency which is not supported by many online casinos.

Also, many leading banks support EasyEFT. This includes Standard Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank, Absa, and Capitec. This is a good indicator of safety and trust. These large banks will not team up with a company that does not take safety seriously.

EasyEFT does not require the user to make a debit or credit card transaction which cuts down on fraud dramatically. There is no need to sign up for a third party payment method.

Personal details are protected by EasyEFT. Two factor authentication is also used to make payments even safer. With all of these things in place, it should put you at ease when making a deposit or withdrawal at your online casino of choice.

Safety and security at EasyEFT
EasyEFT account opening process

EasyEFT account opening process

The EasyEFT site lets the user log in by using a password and email. However, this is not needed to use this payment method.

Simply register by visiting the EasyEFT website and scrolling down until you see the get started link.

Fill out some details such as name, email, number and then click submit to finish the registration and get access to an account. There is no need to add a credit card but a South African bank must be added. Some of the banks include Standard Bank, First National Bank, Capitec Bank, Nedbank, Absa, Investec.

Making a deposit will require a login to your online banking. If you don't have an account with one of the banks mentioned above, then open an account with the assistance of bank staff. You can also open accounts online with some banks. Just follow the steps to get an account.

EasyEFT account opening process
Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Never bet more money than you have available to you. Also remember, even bets that have an excellent strategy can lose.

Set a limit and stick to it, as it can cause major challenges in your personal life. If you feel like you have lost control of your budget then seek professional help. Talk to friends and family about some methods of preventing too much spending.

Finally, ask an online casino to prevent you from playing if there is a problem. They can also give helpful advice and even refer you where to go for help in some cases.

Responsible Gaming