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Top 132 MasterCard Online Casinos

One of the top factors for choosing a casino product these days is a reliable payment system. As the iGaming industry grows, payment solutions are also becoming increasingly popular. As such, choosing the best banking method is a challenging task. Players want casinos that offer all-inclusive payment features for their gaming experience. And, the banking system that takes the lead is MasterCard.

MasterCard offers players the flexibility of depositing funds at online casinos and cashing out winnings in real money. Therefore, it is widely accepted at almost all casinos, offering merchants and bettors seamless transactions – a gambling experience to treasure forever.

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Top 132 MasterCard Online Casinos

Top Casinos

Online Casino MasterCard


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Spela Casino

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Just Spin

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AHTI Games



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What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is the official name of MasterCard Incorporation, an American multinational financial services corporation. It is the second-largest electronic payment card company in the United States. MasterCard electronic cards appear in two forms: a debit card and a credit card.

The debit card is also known as a check card, and it works through a “pay now” system. This allows its holders to access existing cash funds in their checking account electronically rather than paying with a check or cash. On the other hand, a credit card works through a “pay later” system, where cardholders buy goods on a line of credit - a type of loan that banks and other financial institutions issue for cardholders to repay to the issuing bank in monthly installments.

Approximately 25,000 banks and different financial institutions jointly operate MasterCard. MasterCard does not issue credits to its cardholders but its member banks, which they do under their names. Therefore, MasterCard has no involvement in determining the interest rates or setting annual fees relating to the card.

History of MasterCard

MasterCard’s origin is traced back to 1966 when Interbank Card Association (ICA) was formed by a group of banks to compete with California-based Bank of America. The outcome of the ICA’s challenge was the “Master Charge: The Interbank Card” that contends with California-based's BankAmericard (now Visa card) launched in 1958. Within two years, ICA started expanding into global markets by collaborating with banks in Europe, Japan, and Mexico. The brand name came into the limelight in 1979 when ICA renamed "Master Charge" as "MasterCard."

Today, MasterCard is available in over 210 countries and territories and 150 currencies. It has 1.9 billion cards accessible in 35.9 million locations across the globe.

Deposit with MasterCard

MasterCard is probably the second most famous credit card company in the world after VISA. Its history started in 1966 when a group of banks, mainly Californian banks, created the interbank card association. In 1979 it changed its name to what it is today, MasterCard. It is today traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

How to Withdraw Online Casino Funds with MasterCard

Every player that visits a casino prays for more withdrawal than deposits from their casino account. It is never easy to become a winner, but quite sure that at a point, some players will be so lucky to acquire the desired winning. Here, making a withdrawal is very important, or the player can lose the money to the online casino.

Years back, depositing at a casino is easier than withdrawing the funds. But today, withdrawal is as easy as deposits because players will be sending funds into their MasterCard accounts. As such, the stress of withdrawing funds has been eliminated by MasterCard.

The Withdrawal Process

All players willing to accept casino payment with MasterCard first need to open an account with one of the banks issuing MasterCard to claim a card. The information typically on each card includes card number (usually 16 digits), cardholder's name, expiry date, and security code. After obtaining a card, head over to the casino account with the winning funds.

Open the casino "Cashier" available on the site. Select MasterCard from the withdrawal options and enter the card's information correctly into the appropriate spaces. Then a player can withdraw the amount needed, usually a minimum of $20 with MasterCard. The maximum cash out depends on the casino provider, but in most cases, it generally exceeds $5,000 in one transaction.

Processing the withdrawal request can take an online casino team 24 hours. After that, the cardholder will get the funds in the account linked with the card within 2-4 business days. And in most cases, withdrawing funds from a casino with MasterCard is free, but sometimes, it may attract a 2% fee.

How to Get a Mastercard

Anyone who wants a Mastercard has to apply for their services. This will mean filling out an application with Mastercard to see if the applicant can qualify. Once they go through the screening process for this, if everything is in order, Mastercard will approve the applicant and will set a credit limit.

The applicant will be given their own credit card which they can now use wherever Mastercard is accepted. When a cardholder wants to play at an online casino, they first need to se ek out those which advertise that they take this credit card as one of their methods of payment.

Using Mastercard at the Online Casinos

A registered player at the casino has to go to the deposit section on the site. Then, scroll down until they see the Mastercard option. Clicking on this will open a new screen. This is where information from the Mastercard card should be entered.

All of the instructions must be entered correctly or else the payment may get rejected because of an error. Usually, the information required will be the long identification number on the credit card, along with the expiry date. Also, a unique code which is found on the back of the card will be needed.

MasterCard Pros and Cons

When transacting with credit or debit cards online, this usually goes with some advantages and disadvantages. MasterCard is not different as it has a list of "pros and cons" every player should know.

Understanding what a card entails helps players know what to expect from the card and how it will serve them. Therefore, below are the pros and cons of MasterCard every casino player should comprehend.


  • It has theft and fraud protection.
  • It has purchase protection.
  • Generally approved at almost all online casinos.
  • Free instant deposits
  • Secure banking at credible online casinos.
  • Extended warranties on goods and services purchased.
  • Extra convenience with mobile banking apps.
  • Special bonus and promotion offer with partner companies.


  • Withdrawals can sometimes take up to five business days to arrive at the cardholder's account.
  • It can attract a 2% withdrawal fee.

This information tells casino players the value of the card they are holding. The benefits and flaws also help them to decide on how to use their MasterCard. It essential that gamblers bear this information in mind.

Is MasterCard Safe to Use?

Before embarking on a journey, it's wise to know the safety level of the transit. Money is not easy to get these days; because of this, no gambler will want to use their card on a platform that doesn't guarantee safety. Besides, players are keen on protecting their data online so that when the game is over, nothing makes them worry. Therefore, it is good to know if MasterCard is safe to use for transactions.

Without an ado, the simple answer is "yes." MasterCard is generally safe to use at trusted online casinos because it provides exceptional security service for its customers. It offers its cardholders free ID Theft Protection - a system designed to detected identity theft to resolve or prevent it.

MasterCard utilizes modern chip technology to strengthen its cards. This makes the cards more reliable and secure during online purchases or when used in local stores. MasterCard SecureCode offers additional protection for people who purchase online. This code is unique and must be used to approve all purchases made online - like One-Time Password (OTP) or entering a PIN at an ATM.

Users can go further to secure their cards by applying for tokenization. This provides cardholders with a unique token they can use instead of the 16 digit numbers found on the card.

MasterCard Safety Tips

The key to avoiding credit card fraud is to protect the card's information when using it online. Following essential guidelines will help cardholders protect their MasterCard information anytime they are using it.

  1. Use it on Trusted Websites: It's expedient for casino players to use their cards only on casino websites they trust. Avoid clicking links in unsolicited emails that can take someone to a phony site designed to steal the card information of users. Players should confirm they are at the right website by typing the URL directly in their internet browser.

  2. Don't Use Cards from Public Places: Public computers and networks are not reliable and secure. Hackers can steal cardholders' payment details in public places because those computers might have spyware software installed. This can capture the login and card information of users, including credit card numbers.

  3. Protect PC from Viruses and Hackers: Antivirus and anti-spyware can protect personal computers from attack. Users should ensure they install reputable antivirus software.

Banks Issuing MasterCard As a Payment Option

In the early days of MasterCard, only a few banks were issuing the card. Some of these banks are still very reliable in the business of issuing cards for the MasterCard network. With that said, MasterCard’s three largest shareholders (banks issuing its credit cards) to date are Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup.

Banking Systems Issuing MasterCard

Today, MasterCard has partnered with some financial organizations in more than 200 regions across the globe to issue its cards to their consumers. Other issuing banks are:

  • Mid-Large Monetary Organizations: MasterCard wants monetary organizations to make more profits alongside itself. Therefore, it offers them credit and debit cards to provide additional payment solutions to their customers.

  • Credit Unions and Community Banks: MasterCard has been using a robust global trademark, inventive technology, and demonstrated marketing strategies to help credit unions and community banks develop their business by allowing them to distribute the MasterCard cards to their consumers.

MasterCard Cost for Money Transfers

MasterCard merchants and cardholders need to understand the economic model that surrounds payment and transactions. The cost of money transfer with MasterCard depends on a lot of factors discussed below. However, its average card processing fee falls between 1.5% and 2.6%.

Whether cardholders insert their card into the chip reader or swipes the card, many things happen beneath. The transaction goes beyond the card, merchant's store, and the issuing bank. It involves the following:

  • Card issuer: This is the bank (credit card company), such as Bank of America, that issues credit cards to their consumers. Issuing banks work with MasterCard to process transactions by deducting interchange fees for banks to cover their operations and risk.

  • Credit card network: This is the MasterCard brand that takes the assessment fee for using its network.

  • Merchant: This is the business or store accepting the payment, either online or in person.

  • Acquiring bank: This is the bank where merchants maintain their accounts. The processing provider facilitates a relationship between merchants and the acquiring bank.

  • Payment Processor: Set cardholders up with a vendor account and processes the transactions. The payment processor is the only direct party that connects cardholders with the banks.

Top 3 Online Casinos Accepting Mastercard

These are CasinoRank's top Mastercard casinos that could be great to try: 4. 1xBet
5. Betmaster 6. Casumo

How CasinoRank Rate Banking Methods

The CasinoRank team aims to provide its players with the best, trusted, and most reliable banking methods available on the internet. Using a unique and thorough review process, the CasinoRank team can highlight the weaknesses and strengths of payment systems before adding them to this website.

All banking methods on this site have stood the test of time after passing through the furnace. As such, the community of players on this platform is served only by the trusted banks. The criteria on which they are selected include:

Safety and Security

Inputting personal card or bank details online requires that the bank handling the transaction is safe and secure. This is the priority at CasinoRank, ensuring the details of its players are protected - including emails, names of cardholders, card security code, the 16 digits code of the card, and others.

Customer Support

Getting the attention of a bank's support team when needed most is crucial. Issues can come up with payments at any time, and players don't have to wait till the end of ages to get those issues resolved. As such, CasinoRank makes sure that partnering banking systems offer quality and immediate support. It also ensures that these payment systems are accessible in a variety of ways.


There is no tendency that shady banks will not disappoint their users. Hence, the team at CasinoRank only works with popular, industry-leading financial solutions to offer casino players on this website excellent banking services.

Valid SSL Encryption

Whether casino players are playing for the thrill or want to win big, their data and privacy are essential to CasinoRank. Hence, this casino service partners with banks that are encrypted. This ensures that players using the banking system have their data protected from scammers and hackers. Security-oriented banking systems carry a green padlock sign or an HTTPS symbol at the start of their website URL.


Not gaining access to a payment system when needed the most can be disappointing. Online casino players may decide to play any time of the day, even at midnight. Therefore, the banking systems used on this platform are easy to access, whether day or night.

The CasinoRank team also plays casino games and understands what it takes to use standard payment solutions when gambling online. For this reason, players on this website have nothing but solely the most reliable banking systems in the industry.

Safety In Gambling

If you or someone you know need help because of gambling problems, please visit these websites below:

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2Queen PlayUp to €720 + 200 Free Spins7.54
3Slottica200% Bonus + 30 Free Spins and more7.56
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Which casino accepts Mastercard?


Functionally all casinos accept Mastercard. However, this is still contingent on a per casino basis.

Are there any deposit fees with Mastercard?


No. There are no deposit fees with Mastercard, the casino carries the fees of the deposit.

Is Mastercard safe to use for Online Casinos?


Mastercard is an incredibly safe option at online casinos. Mastercard has all sorts of safety measures in place when using your card for online payments to casinos.

Is there a Mastercard bonus for new customers?


Most online casinos offer Welcome Bonuses. Whether it is Mastercard specific will differ between casinos.

Do I need an internet connection to use Mastercard?


Yes. To process transactions, you must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Which cardholder verification methods are accepted?


Mastercard supports Chip & PIN, contactless, chip & signature, and swipe & signature.

Can Mastercard block gambling?


This happens on a per casino basis. But you, as a user, will not be blocked for using Mastercard.

What are some currencies Mastercard accepts?


Mastercard accepts all currencies, however take note of what your home currency is. This will also determine what currency options are available to you.

Which Mastercard casino offers are available at online casinos?


Mastercard casino merchants offer lots of bonuses: You get casino bonuses for signing up, making a deposit, playing a game, and even for losing money, in the form of cashback bonuses. The specific bonuses and benefits do differ and are specific to each casino.

Are there any fees for making an online casino Mastercard withdrawal?


No. Making a casino pay with Mastercard requires no fees. Same goes for withdrawals: As a general rule, there are no commissions for making a withdrawal too. You are paying an annual commission to your bank under the name of "annual operating fee".

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