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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

When it comes to gaming, Europa Casino is all about encouraging ethical behavior. Europa Casino is committed to ensuring that its users have a positive and secure gaming experience. Thanks to the casino's dedication to player protection and ethical betting, it’s a popular go-to place for those seeking just such conditions.

At the end of the day, gambling should be treated as a fun pastime activity, and not something that players would spend their entire day doing. Gambling should be meant as a source of income in any way.

The vast majority of registered Europa Casino players surely treat online gambling in the right way, but there might be some punters who will be more prone to developing a gambling addiction problem. Some players find it very difficult to control their online gambling behaviour, so that is where limiting tools at Europa Casino come into play.

As a reliable online gambling site, Europa Casino provides players with an online gambling platform with all services complying with the general principles of responsible gaming. These standards are the absolute minimum when applying for and obtaining an iGaming license.

There are several aspects of responsible gaming areas that Europa Casino covers, which are essential for players to prevent any online gambling addiction problem:

  • Protection of vulnerable gamblers – this is done by providing the ability to set limits on gambling activities
  • Prevention of underage gambling – the registration and verification process is responsible for ensuring no underage people gamble at Europa Casino
  • Safety measures against any criminal activities
  • Terms and conditions
  • A secure online gambling environment thanks to the advanced security features
  • Ethical and responsible marketing activities by Europa Casino

Gambling Addiction

The first aspect that deserves a mention in the responsible gaming area at Europa Casino is that the site works closely with BeGambleAware. This is how Europa promotes responsible gaming.

There is a dedicated page that helps players better identify any signs of gambling addiction problems. Moreover, there are different links to professional resources that can help players regain control over their entire gaming activities.

If any user requires more information about any responsible gaming tools, they can visit the dedicated page on the website. Moreover, any client can get in touch with the support team at Europa Casino which is always very responsive, and friendly, and they will always assist anyone with any gambling-related question.


There are different limits that players can use when registering at Europa Casino. These limits are ideal for any punter to have better control over their entire gaming adventure on the site and to make sure that gambling remains a fun pastime activity, nothing more.

Europa Casino is fully committed to providing customers with all the information and necessary tools to make sure that their entire time on the site is spent following responsible gambling rules.

If a player feels like they could benefit from imposing such rules, then Europa Casino strongly encourages them to use every tool available on the site.

First off, there is the Deposit Limit. By using this type of restriction, players can set a limit on how much they can deposit and they will not be able to go over the set frame.

This way, the control over the entire gambling activities is increased and players will have the chance to make sure that they never step over the amount of money they can afford to spend gambling. Exceeding the budget is a serious problem for online gamblers, so this way, customers will prevent that from happening.

Up next, there is the Loss Limit at Europa Casino. It is worth reminding customers that losing is still a big part of online gambling, and there is nothing wrong with having a bad day at the office and not securing any win.

Sometimes, players will get carried away thinking that they are about to turn a corner and before they know it, all their gambling budget will be gone, and possibly even more.

Therefore, by using the loss limit, players will cap the amount of money that they are able to lose at Europa Casino. This way, they will prevent losing more than they intended to.

Finally, there is the Bet Limit section on the site, which also allows players to limit their gambling activity. By using this feature, players will limit the amount of money that they wish to bet over a period of time, so it is a very good way to prevent a problem before it occurs.

Of course, if any punter needs any additional information regarding any of the above-mentioned tools, they can check out the responsible gambling page on the site, or they can get in touch with the customer support team at any time.

Self-Assessment Test

All registered users at Europa Casino can also benefit from using the self-assessment test. This way, they can identify the signs of a gambling addiction much easier and take appropriate action if needed.

Responsible gambling means setting and sticking to self-imposed limits at Europa Casino, and these limits are based on the amount of time or money a player spends when active on the Europa Casino site. There are cases of players leaving these limits and then going on to develop a gambling addiction problem.

There is a wide range of questions at Europa Casino that will allow players to understand whether they need additional help or more limits being set.

Answering these questions will help players whenever they have any doubts regarding their gambling activity. Examples of such questions at Europa Casino include:

  • Whether a person has missed work because of online gambling
  • If their life has been negatively affected since they started gambling
  • Whether their reputation has suffered in that period
  • Has the person lie about whether they gamble or not
  • Is there a financial problem that they try to solve by gambling online

There are plenty of questions like this on the site, and according to Gambling Anonymous, if a customer answers "yes" to at least seven of these questions, there it should raise a flag. In that case, there is a possibility of a gambling-related problem and the need for professional assistance increases.


Moreover, players can utilize the self-exclude option whenever they feel like they need to control their gaming activity better. If they wish to use this function, then they will need to go to the responsible gambling section and scroll down to the self-exclusion form.

Once they do so, users will need to complete the next few steps:

  • Choose the period they want the exclusion to apply
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the "Exclude" button
  • Now, a pop-up message will appear on the screen with explanations of all actions that are taken. Users need to make sure that they have enabled pop-ups on the browser they use.

Gambling Problem

As mentioned above, Europa Casino partners with BeGambleAware and that is how it promotes responsible gambling. A special page on the Europa website helps players control their gaming activity and set limits that can help them do so.

Responsible Gambling

Before a player logs in at Europa Casino, it is important that they know all about the fair gaming policies implemented by the operator. Everyone also needs to be aware that everything is done to ensure all players enjoy a safe and harmless gaming adventure.

This is done thanks to:

  • Full transparency for fair gaming on the site
  • No underage gambling
  • Tools to help players stay in control
  • Various other tools to help players identify any signs that they have a gambling addiction

Reality Check

Finally, we have the reality check option for all users at Europa Casino. Punters can always check the customer support area for the reality check feature.