Hungary Gambling Supervision Department

Until 2013, when online gambling was fully regulated by legislation in Hungary, one company had a monopoly on the popular activity in the country. Since the new legislation, The Hungary Gambling Supervision Department has taken control of issuing online gambling licenses in the country and is a body attached to the Central Bureau of the Tax and Financial. Despite the sudden opening up of the Hungarian online gambling market to online casino operators, steep fees have driven businesses away from getting licensed in the territory and most Hungarian players register with foreign-based casinos instead.

Hungary Gambling Supervision Department
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Online Casinos Licenced by The Hungary Gambling Supervision Department

As touched upon above, the high fees for obtaining an online casino license in Hungary have driven away businesses from getting a license there. It's also necessary for licenses to be renewed every five years, adding extra costs to an already high price. Additionally, players in Hungary are well served by foreign-based casinos and they aren't restricted from accessing them; diminishing any incentive for an online casino to obtain a Hungarian gambling license. Consequently, no online casinos have been licensed by the Hungary Gambling Supervision Department so far.

Despite the lack of any licenses being issued to date, Hungarian players are still able to access online casinos. Numerous international online casinos, which we review and rank here, offer their services to players in Hungary. Many of these worldwide operators go as far as providing Hungarian language options as well as accepting the local currency of Hungary (The Hungarian Forint). In order to ensure safety when gambling online, Hungarians will check for licenses from other governments that are well respected (such as a license from Alderney) and also look for membership in industry bodies with their own strict conditions and rules.

About Licences from The Hungary Gambling Supervision Department

Since 2013 it's been possible for online casinos running out of Hungary (or from within the European Economic Area) to apply for a license from the Hungarian government's regulatory body. In order to obtain a license, online casinos must demonstrate that they meet the highest standards of security when it comes to players' personal data and the integrity of the services they provide. Fairness of the games they operate is also a necessity, ensuring that Hungarian players aren't being treated unfairly or scammed. Any license issued by the country will expire after 5 years and require renewal. Getting a Hungarian license attracts a significant fee, which has resulted in no online casino seeking a license.

How Hungarian Players Can Stay Safe

Since no license has been issued by The Hungary Gambling Supervision Department, owing to the high fees, players in the country are required to use alternative means of establishing the legitimacy of an online casino. Many international casinos cater to Hungarian players, leaving them with plenty of options to choose from. A customer can determine that a foreign casino is safe and trustworthy by checking for licenses issued by reputable government agencies, such as Alderney and Curacao. Additionally, the offer of Hungarian language options and accepting the Hungarian currency will make things easier for players and remove any confusion caused by conversion rates or language barriers. Numerous foreign casinos offer Hungarian language options and accept the Hungarian Forint, and such casinos are compared and reviewed by us.

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