May 6, 2021

Chances of Winning an Online Casino Game

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Before setting up your first online casino account, you must think of multiple issues. The first thing you ask yourself is if the investment is really worth it or not. While your winning odds are undoubtedly low due to the house edge, there are other factors at play that can make you a winner or a loser. So, this article answers all questions about online casinos to give you a clear picture of your chances of winning at online casinos.

Chances of Winning an Online Casino Game

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

You probably know of someone or a friend who has been robbed of their money by rogue gambling sites. Even worse, players experience long losing streaks, that they may start doubting the credibility of online gambling.

But unless you’re playing on an unregulated site, the games should be 100% free and fair. That’s because most online casinos use the RNG (Random Number Generator) to produce unpredictable results on any bet you place. The RNG produces millions of results every minute, making it impossible to rig the results. Therefore, find a regulated online casino and try your luck.

The House Edge and RTP (Return to Player Percentage)

Most players often struggle to find out how to win gambling video slots. But here’s the thing; to stand a chance of walking away with that progressive, find out more about the game’s house edge and RTP. In most cases, this information is clearly displayed on the game (mostly video slots) or provided upon player request.

The payout percentage of most video slots usually ranges between 90% to 98%. On the other hand, table games like blackjack can have a 99.60% RTP if you employ the right strategy.

So, if you’re playing a game with an RTP rate of 96%, it means the house edge is 4%. Therefore, placing a $100 wager will give you a maximum return of $96. This ensures that online casinos stay afloat no matter the amount players win in a single day. So, go for games with the lowest possible house edge.

Luck vs Skill Games

Whether playing online or in an in-person setting, casino games require two things; luck or skill. Luck-based games are categories like video slots and scratch cards that require almost zero skills to play. Basically, you should play these games strictly for fun as it’s useless trying to predict the outcome. The only thing you should think about is how much you can afford to lose.

Meanwhile, boost your winning chances by using strategies when playing skill-based games like blackjack and video poker. Here, your moves on the table can hugely determine the outcome of the game. For example, choosing a blackjack table with a low minimum bet limit allows you to sit for much longer with a low bankroll. Some casinos also allow players to count cards, which can lower the house edge. So, choose skill over luck.

What About the Game Developers?

You don’t expect to win at an online casino powered by little-known software developers, do you? In this industry, the brand matters a lot. Some new online gambling sites that can’t afford the services of top-rated companies opt for cheaper and unknown brands. As a result, they offer poor game quality and odds, with some compromising the results altogether. So, only play games supplied by renowned software developers to increase your chances of winning.

Final Words

Although winning at online casinos may seem like a tall order at first, you can beat the house by getting your calculations spot on. Instead of jumping at a chance to play that attractive video slot, use that time to sharpen your skills and play games like blackjack and poker. Not only will your skills pay off, but these games also have a relatively low house edge. Remember, the better you are at playing these games, the luckier you get. Have fun!

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