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William Hill

William Hill Online Casino Review 2020 - Responsible Gaming

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Responsible Gaming

Gambling problems are a serious issue that shouldn't be overlooked since it can have a significant impact on people's lives. There are tons of gambling charities that will provide you with guidance and advice on how to solve this serious issue.

As we said before, there are plenty of organizations that will help you solve this complex problem that can have a negative effect not only on your life but on the lives of everyone around you. Here is a list of some of the organizations you can get in touch with if you or someone you know has to deal with gambling addiction:

Deposit Limit

William Hill offers a feature that will help you limit your deposit for a selected time frame, daily, weekly, or monthly.

This is a great tool that everyone should take advantage of. We advise new payers to limit their deposit the moment they create their casino account. This way you are in better control of what goes on with your budget. Casino games are so entertaining and you can get carried away once you start playing. But, if you set a deposit limit, once you reach that limit you will not be allowed to make a new deposit until the time frame has expired. This is a great time to reconsider your action and take some time off.

Self-Assessment Test

On William Hill's website, you can find a self-assessment test that you can go through to find out whether you are at risk of developing a gambling problem, or you already have one and it is time to take matters in your own hands. This is a list of questions that will help you better understand your gambling habits so we advise you to be honest when you answer them.

  1. Do you spend a lot of time occupying your mind with future gambling ventures or bets?
  2. Do you feel the need to increase your stakes to reach the same feeling of excitement you had the first time you started playing?
  3. Do you feel restless every time you try to stop gambling for a while?
  4. Have you ever tried to stop gambling and failed?
  5. Do you ever gamble to escape everyday problems?
  6. Do you ever return to gamble to win back the money you have lost the previous day?
  7. Do you find yourself lying about how much money you have lost gambling?
  8. Have you ever stolen money from friends or family to gamble?
  9. Has gambling ever caused problems with your work or studies?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money for gambling, or asked your friends or family to bail you out of a situation that was caused by your gambling?


If you want to stop gambling completely for some time you can consider self-exclusion. You can close your account from between 6 months to 5 years. When the self-exclusion period has expired the account wont re-open automatically but you will have to contact Customer Support.

At William Hill, they take gambling very seriously, so if you try to open other accounts during your self-exclusion period, the casino will close them without any further explanation. It is for your own good to delete and uninstall all apps you have on your devices, so you won't find yourself tempted to gamble. When you self-exclude yourself from gambling, you need to withdraw all your remaining funds. During this period the casino will not send any marketing material your way. A good addition is to register for GamStop which is a free service that will enable you to self-exclude from all online gambling companies in Great Britain.

Gambling Problem

Compulsive betting is just like any other addiction, where you have the urge to place as many bets as possible no matter the consequences. Problem gamblers will go to great lengths to cover that they have a problem, and the worst thing is that they are hiding the problem from themselves too. They simply don't accept that they have a gambling addiction. What is worse, they even try to find relief and solution to their problems by gambling some more. The most difficult problem with gambling addiction is that at the beginning it is difficult to notice. Once the thing starts getting out of control is when you can know for sure that something is going on. There are some warning signs that shouldn't be overlooked though:

· If you are sacrificing time from work and loved ones to spend more time gambling. · If you are unable to stop and control your gambling habits. · If you are borrowing money to gamble or to pay off previous debts. · If you are using gambling as an emotional escape. · If you are lying about the time and money you spend gambling. · If you are gambling more to recuperate previous losses. · If you are selling personal belongings to have more money for gambling. · If you are feeling helpless and depressed because of your gambling habit.

Responsible Gaming

William Hill takes all the necessary measures when it comes to responsible gaming. They make sure that people are not being exploited by gambling itself, and they try to combat problem gambling. One of the main initiatives that William Hills provides is the different resources to fight problem gambling. You can self-exclude yourself from gambling in total or you can block certain sections of William Hill. Another very helpful feature is to limit the deposit amount which turns out to be a very effective method. William Hill will also provide links to several different problem gambling resource lines. They will provide some useful information and advice to anyone who is dealing with gambling problems.

Self-exclusion is an important step, to say, that every problem gambler should take. There are a couple of ways to self exclude from gambling. You can do that once you log into your account and you go to William Hill shop where you can fill out a self-exclusion form. The casino will require your photo so you can be identified and properly excluded. Another way is to call customer support. This is very convenient for those players who get easily tempted to gamble once they open their account.

William Hill advises all players to stay in control of their gambling habit by restricting their account and set a deposit limit.

Once you set a deposit limit to your account, you can still enjoy all the fun the casino has to offer while having matters in control. This is a great safety tool that will stop you from spending too much because when you reach your limit you will not be able to place any more bets. But, if you are having some serious issues when it comes to gambling, then we advise you to take some more drastic matters like self-exclusion is.

Gambling is a fun activity, but once you develop gambling addiction it stops being fun. You need to remember that whatever you need, William Hill is there for you. They will do everything that is in their power to help you since there is no reason to continue doing something that isn't fun anymore.

Reality Check

William Hill helps you track the time you spend gambling by setting a reminder to appear. You can continue gaming and once the time you previously set is up, you will receive a notification and you can decide whether you want to stop or continue playing.

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