Top Online Casinos with the High-roller Bonus: Listed and Compared

Welcome to CasinoRank, your go-to source for all things online casino bonuses. As experts in the field, we pride ourselves on providing detailed information about the best bonuses available. Today, we're excited to introduce you to the high-roller bonus. This bonus is designed for players who like to bet big and win big. It's a great way to get more bang for your buck and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. At CasinoRank, we've diligently searched to bring you the top high-roller bonuses available. So, if you're ready to take your online casino experience to the next level, check out our recommended casinos from our toplist and claim your high-roller bonus today!

Top Online Casinos with the High-roller Bonus: Listed and Compared
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How We Rate and Rank Casinos with High-Roller Bonuses

At CasinoRank, our team of experts, who have been around the block a few times, have years of experience in evaluating online casinos with high-roller bonuses. We take into account various factors to ensure that we only recommend safe and reliable casinos to our readers. We're not just playing a friendly game of cricket here, we're serious about providing the best possible options for our South African readers.


The safety of our readers is our top priority. We thoroughly check the licensing and regulation of each casino to ensure that they are operating within the bounds of the National Gambling Act and ethically. This is to ensure that they are not only legal but also uphold the values of Ubuntu, which is integral to South African culture.

Registration Process

We assess the registration process of each casino to ensure that it's user-friendly and straightforward, much like signing up for a new account at Capitec or FNB. We also scrutinise the security measures in place to protect the personal and financial information of our readers, similar to how the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) safeguards its customers.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

We evaluate the deposit and withdrawal methods available at each casino to ensure that they are user-friendly and secure, just like using a bank in Sandton or Cape Town. We also scrutinise the processing times and fees associated with each method, as we understand that nobody likes waiting for their winnings, whether you're in Durban or Johannesburg.


We assess the high-roller bonuses offered by each casino to ensure that they are generous and fair, just like a good game of rugby. We also scrutinise the terms and conditions to ensure that they are as clear as the view from Table Mountain and easy to understand.

Reputation Amongst Players

We take into account the feedback and reviews of other players to ensure that the casinos we recommend have a good reputation in the industry.


High-Roller Bonus - All You Need to Know

The high roller casino bonus is a special bonus developed for gamblers that put a lot at stake. It’s basically a deposit bonus, but it’s based on much higher amounts than usual and with a lower percentage of a match bonus. The terms and conditions for a high-roller bonus are often more generous than a casual deposit bonus, since the online casino knows it’s not going to be a target for bonus hunters.

And when it comes to the high roller meaning, it basically entails a gambler who simply bets more money or deposits larger sums. The actual definition of a high roller may differ depending on the casino, since some online casinos may have different rules on who they consider to be a high roller.

How to Get High-Roller Bonuses

To get a high-roller bonus, players need to deposit a large amount of money into their online casino account. The exact amount required varies from casino to casino, but it is usually in the range of R15,000 to R150,000 or more.

To claim the bonus, players need to enter a special code or select the bonus from the list of available promotions. The bonus is usually credited to the player's account immediately after the deposit is made. The best high roller bonus is always the one with the fairest terms and the lowest wagering requirements but in any case, Online CasinoRank lists the best offers available for high rollers.

High Roller Bonuses vs Standard Casino Bonuses

Types of High-Roller Bonus Offers

There are several types of high-roller bonuses offered by online casinos. Here are some of the most common types:

Top-Up Bonus

A top-up bonus is a type of high-roller bonus that is offered to players who make a second or subsequent deposit at the casino. This bonus is usually a percentage of the deposit amount, and it can be claimed multiple times. In South Africa, this is akin to getting an extra boerewors at a braai, just for bringing more charcoal!

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus is a type of high-roller bonus that is offered to players who have had a bit of a 'dry spell' at the casino. The bonus is usually a percentage of the player's losses, and it is credited back to their account as bonus funds. In South Africa, this is akin to getting a 'second innings' in a cricket match. It's a chance to turn your luck around and get back in the game.

Free Spins Bonus

A free spins bonus is a type of high-roller bonus that is offered to players who deposit a large amount of money. The bonus consists of a certain number of free spins on selected slot games, like those inspired by the Big Five or popular South African soapies.

Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty bonus is a type of high-roller bonus that is offered to players who have been playing at the casino for a long time. This bonus is akin to a cricket player hitting a six, it's a percentage of the player's total deposits, and it can be claimed on a regular basis, just like a regular braai.

High-Roller Bonus Terms and Conditions

Before claiming any online casino bonus, it's as important as understanding the rules of rugby. These are the rules that govern the bonus and determine how it can be used. Here are some of the key terms and conditions that apply to the high-roller bonus:

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the number of times a player must bet the bonus amount before they can withdraw any winnings. For example, a typical welcome offer for the high-roller bonus might be a 100% match up to R10,000 with a 30x wagering requirement. This means that if a player deposits R10,000 and receives a R10,000 bonus, they must wager R600,000 (30 x R20,000) before they can withdraw any winnings.

Minimum Deposit Required

To claim the High-roller bonus, players must make a minimum deposit. This amount varies depending on the casino, but it is usually higher than the minimum deposit required for other bonuses. For example, a casino might require a minimum deposit of R15,000 to claim the high-roller bonus.

Restrictions on Type of Games or Titles

Some online casinos restrict the types of games or titles that can be played with the high-roller bonus. For example, the bonus might only be valid for slot games or table games like Poker or Blackjack. In South Africa, it's common to see bonuses for popular games like online Rugby or Cricket betting. It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand which games are eligible for the bonus.

Limits on Minimum and Maximum Bet Size

The high-roller bonus may come with limits on the minimum and maximum bet size. For example, the casino might require a minimum bet of R150 and a maximum bet of R1500 per spin. These limits are in place to prevent players from using the bonus to place large bets and win big.

Cap on Maximum Win

The bonus may come with a cap on the maximum amount that can be won. For example, the casino might limit the maximum win to R150,000. This means that even if a player wins more than R150,000, they will only be able to withdraw R150,000.

Time Limit

The high-roller bonus may come with a time limit. This means that players must use the bonus within a certain amount of time, usually 30 days. If they do not use the bonus within this time, it will expire and they will lose it. Just like a rugby match, if you don't make your move within the allotted time, you'll lose your chance.

Are High Roller Bonuses Worth Claiming?

Can You Win Big with a High-Roller Bonus?

Yes, it is possible to win big with a high-roller bonus. However, it is important to remember that the bonus comes with terms and conditions that must be followed. Players must also be aware of the risks involved in gambling and should never bet more than they can afford to lose. Just like a Springbok charging through the field, with careful planning and a bit of luck, players can use the high-roller bonus to win big at online casinos.

How To Become A High Roller?

High-Roller Bonus Pros and Cons

The high-roller bonus is a popular type of casino bonus that offers high-stakes players the chance to earn big rewards. However, like any other bonus, it has its pros and cons. It's like a game of cricket, it can be thrilling and rewarding, but it also comes with its own set of challenges.

Big Spender Bonus Pros

  • Big spender bonuses offer large rewards to players who deposit large sums of money.
  • These bonuses often come with lower wagering requirements, making it easier for players to withdraw their winnings.
  • Big spender bonuses can provide players with exclusive access to VIP programs and other special promotions.
  • Players who receive Big spender bonuses can enjoy a more luxurious gaming experience, with access to higher-stakes games and better customer service.

High Roller Casino Bonus Cons

  • High-roller bonuses require players to deposit large sums of money, which can be risky.
  • The wagering requirements for high-roller bonuses can still be high, making it difficult for players to withdraw their winnings.
  • High-roller bonuses may come with restrictions on the games that can be played, limiting the player's options.
  • Players who receive high-roller bonuses may be subject to increased scrutiny from the casino, which can be uncomfortable.

Other Types of Bonuses You Can Enjoy

Aside from the high-roller bonus, there are many other types of casino bonuses that players can enjoy. These include:

  • Welcome bonuses - offered to new players when they sign up for an account.
  • No deposit bonuses - offered to players without requiring a deposit.
  • Free spins - offered to players to use on specific slot machine games.
  • Reload bonuses - offered to players who make additional deposits after their initial deposit.
  • Cashback bonuses - offered to players who have lost money while playing.

Each of these bonuses has its own set of pros and cons, and players should carefully consider which bonus is right for them.

Cashback Bonus


At CasinoRank, we are committed to providing players with accurate and helpful information about online casino bonuses. After taking many factors into account, we have ranked and rated the best online casinos that offer the high-roller bonus. However, we understand that the casino industry is constantly changing, and we will continue to review our rankings to ensure that we recommend the right brands to our readers.

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Are High Roller Bonuses Worth Claiming?

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High Roller Bonuses vs Standard Casino Bonuses

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a high roller bonus?

High roller casino bonus is a special offer reserved just for special players - punters who've spent significant amounts or who've become regular gamblers at the online casino. This may entail depositing 15,000-30,000 Rand at once, depending on the casino site.

Where to find the best high roller no deposit bonus codes in South Africa?

Due to the nature of high roller status, there aren't usually any no deposit bonuses for high rollers available. Becoming a high roller requires higher bets and spending more money, so this is not exactly the territory for a no deposit bonus. In South Africa, this is akin to expecting to see a lion on Table Mountain - it's not the usual habitat.

What games are typical for a high roller bonus?

High roller bonuses are typically meant for more lucrative casino games, like classic card and table games roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. These games tend to be preferred among high rollers, or as they're often called in South Africa, 'whales'.

Do I have to join the VIP program as a high roller?

High roller casino bonus offers differ and not all are necessary a part of the VIP program - some casinos may have standalone high roller bonuses. However, in many cases, you, indeed, have to be a part of the VIP program. In South Africa, this might be akin to being a member of the exclusive club at the Sun City Resort or the Emperors Palace. Just like these prestigious establishments, online casinos often reward their most loyal and high-spending customers with special perks.

Are all high roller bonuses the same?

No, each high roller bonus is different and the rewards depend on each unique bonus. Many high roller bonus casinos tend to have similar terms, though, and often you're required to achieve a certain loyalty level before you can redeem the high roller bonus. In South Africa, this might be akin to reaching the top of Table Mountain - it takes effort and dedication, but the view (or in this case, the bonus) at the end is well worth it.

How do you claim your online high roller bonus?

The casino high roller bonus is applied to your account automatically, provided you've met the bonus terms and activation rules. Sometimes, though, high roller bonuses are only credited if you've played at the online casino regularly and for larger amounts, much like a Springbok charging through the veld.

Can you make money off online casino high roller bonuses?

Since every high roller bonus has unique terms that may limit withdrawals to some extent, you first need to fulfill those terms before you can cash out the bonus. Remember, high roller casino bonus offers are not meant to be a way to hit the jackpot - these are just extra perks.

What are the terms and conditions of my high roller bonus?

All high roller bonuses have a unique set of terms and conditions, even though terms may be quite similar. Most likely, you need to fulfil wagering requirements and you may also have a limit on the maximum bet size. Always read the terms applied to high roller casino bonus offers, just like you would read the rules of a rugby match.