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Japan Considers Withholding Taxes from Foreigner's Winnings


Japan Considers Withholding Taxes from Foreigner's Winnings

The government of Japan is considering a proposal that would mean withholding taxes on the winnings of non-residents or foreigners at casino resorts. It is taking a very close look at tax systems but sources claim tax investigations would be difficult when the gamblers leave the country.

Countries, such as the US and South Korea, employ a system where taxes are withheld on winnings. Should this arrangement be approved in Japan, foreigners will be required to pay taxes on winnings, just as the country already has in effect for horse racing. The amount will depend on the chips purchased, and how much was won.

Other Rules Being Considered

Due to these new regulations, Japan’s government is also considering rules that would require all casino operators to keep and maintain records of how many chips are purchased and the gaming results. Furthermore, laws are in the making that would prevent players from pretending that the chips they won were actually purchased.

This would also aid in preventing non-resident winners, from passing off their winning chips to a friend on a casino resort premises, to help hide their winnings. While the exact rate of taxes to be paid has not yet been announced, plans have already been made to tax winnings as “temporary income.”

Proposals Will Be Implemented After April 2021

Although these proposals must be finalized by ruling parties, they will be outlined in the 2020 tax reforms and implemented after April 2021.

A Japanese government official gave a statement saying, “If we do not decide on a certain framework in advance, it will affect the investment decisions of operators.”

Before the bill was passed by lawmakers in July 2018 that allowed casinos to operate in the country, the only legal gambling activities consisted of sports such as cycling, horse racing, and powerboat racing.

Plans have been made for three new resorts to be operating by mid-2020. Each will include a hotel, gambling areas, and conference rooms.

Japan Expects to Become the Third-Richest Gaming Marketer

Japan will become the third richest gaming marketer in the world, following behind Nevada and Macau. Steve Wynn announced his intention of launching the largest casino in the world in the country, and other casino operators have also expressed interest in Japan.

Chris Gordon, who is the leader of the campaign, said the government has set goals to increase tourism to a higher level within the next 20 years. He acknowledged they are in agreement with this decision and claims Japanese society has shown interest in gaming, which they already have with horses, pachinko, and motorboats.

Japan Will Soon Set Tax Regulations on Foreign Gamblers

Japan's government reported it will soon be implementing new tax laws that will require foreigners to pay taxes on winnings depending on the amount spent.

Microgaming new releases [October 2020]


Microgaming is one of the biggest if the not the biggest online games providers based on their networks and the number of their games providers that are placing their games with them. Every month, they always come up with new releases of games either directly from them or through their partners.

Habanero Studio Games - The Casino Games you don't wanna miss!


Habanero Studio is one of the leading producers of slot games of the highest standard and specializes in producing online casino table games, not leaving out traditional land-based games. However, Habanero is not the industry's biggest star. Founded in 2012, Habanero has global network operations from four different geographical outlets which are in Johannesburg, Manila, Sofia and Kyiv, with its headquarters based in Malta. Having these additional openings would also help spread their tentacle across several jurisdictions which will encourage players to optimize their income from playing slots in Habanero without any restrictions.

Online Roulette: The Red and Black Roulette Strategy


The Red and Black Roulette strategy always appears to be their best hunting strategy for most new folks who are just having a grasp of the game of roulette. Therefore, it is a common strategy, more importantly its ability to adapt with other roulette winning strategy make its more popular. You will learn about that soon. Please be assured that in this piece, you will be able to select how you can best use the techniques your own advantage from all the methods connected to this Red and Black betting scheme. Although some of these tactics are random in nature, despite that there is always a balance, but always keep in mind that in the world of online casino gaming nothing is certain.

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