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Microgaming and SK365 Group Agreement


Microgaming and SK365 Group Agreement

Microgaming is well recognized in the online gambling industry. Those who are offering slot game entertainment such as the online casinos are well aware of this company. Now they have strengthened their presence in Italy with an exciting agreement made with SKS365 Group which allows them to expand their offerings.

This is a commercial deal that is taking Microgaming into the Sports betting and gaming with a partnership agreement for this with the SKS365 Group. The SKS365 Group will launch this through one of their brands. It will mean that they can expand the gaming experiences that they are currently bringing to their clients.

The Deal

The flagship brand that the SKS365 Group will use will allow players to enjoy what it has to offer. This enhances what the brand has to offer in its European market. Now, these players will be able to enjoy the impressive products that Microgaming has to offer which is an extensive number of slot games.

Microgaming has had some presence in Italy but this is just taking it to another level. They have had a presence there since 2011. This is when the region opened up the market through regulations. There are several casino brands that have been receiving game drops from Microgaming on a monthly basis.

The Partnership

Both Microgaming and SKS365 are most pleased with this new partnership deal. With SKS365 being a leader in the European Market Microgaming is well aware of the viability of this agreement to partner. It will be beneficial for both of these entities and will provide an enhanced gaming experience for the players.

SKS365 recognizes the popularity of Microgaming and their impeccable record in the online gambling industry. They believe that partnering with Microgaming will strengthen their position in the online casino market in Italy. Their client base will be able to enjoy some of the most impressive online gaming products from Microgaming.

Exciting Launches

Microgaming never disappoints their client base. They are continuously bringing new products to the market like the most exciting slot games. Some of those that have been recently released are Magic of Sahara and Break Away Deluxe. Microgaming works closely with independent software providers. They are well known for their continuous releases.

A partnership with Microgaming like this one with SKS365 provides great experiences for all those involved and the main focus remains on the end-users, which is the client base that the casino brands serves. Microgaming is a name that has become highly recognized by the end-users and is a favourite of many.

Microgaming and SK365 Group Agreement Benefits Italy

Microgaming and the SK365 Group have entered into a partnership agreement for entering into the sports betting and gaming industry that will benefit both.

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