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Online Gambling Laws in Norway


Online Gambling Laws in Norway

Gambling has been a common form of entertainment around the globe. Its popularity has been a cause for concern among many governments and regulatory bodies. With the presence of the internet, many adults are enjoying the convenience of online casinos. Nonetheless, the legality of online gambling depends on national or state directives. For many regions, gambling enthusiasts know the websites to access to engage in online gaming, but the situation is different in Norway. Residents in Norway don’t know if and where they can participate in online gambling. Guidelines an d restrictions to control Norway's gambling are crucial. But lack of clarity makes the situation challenging.

What does Gambling in Norway entail?

The general perception is that Norway gambling is illegal. Online gambling is prohibited, with only two organizations licensed to conduct the business. These restrictions also apply to organized gambling sessions at private residences. Gambling in Norway is considered a state monopoly with foreign investors required to have a local license. Presently numerous websites address the needs of players in Norway. The games range from slot games to gambling. Even with strict legislation, there are loops and exceptions. Gambling in Norway is a form of state-managed monopoly, but players can still enjoy the games online. All they need to do is declare and pay their taxes.


The state controls gambling in Norway. This decision was reached in the 20th century when three acts were announced. They provided exceptions from the strict provisions that existed in the Norwegian gambling sector for years. This legislation's entailed the Gaming Act of 1992, the Totalisator Act of 1927, and the Lottery Act of 1995. The Totalisator Act oversees horse racing and betting games by stating that these activities should be authorized. The Gaming Scheme of 1992 offers the authorized firms the exclusivity to operate gaming activities linked to sporting and competitions that are not regulated by other acts. The Lottery Act states that gaming activities are prohibited when conducted without authorization.

Exceptions to Norway Gambling

For business people and players, gambling in Norway can be quite confusing. Lottery, according to the Lottery Act, defines betting, casino activities, or any form of gambling. These are services provided with the permission of the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority. But the restrictions apply to the provision of gambling activities in Norway. Players need to be eighteen years and above to participate in gambling. But with scratch-off tickets, there are no age limits. Norwegian gambling laws are characterized by uncertainty. The lack of clarity has made many companies move operations outside the country due to fear of breaking the law. Despite the challenges, Norway's gambling is possible.

Online Gambling in Norway and Laws that Govern the Process

Gambling in Norway is considered illegal. But players should not be discouraged since there exceptions to these laws. Learn more about the policies.

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