July 27, 2021

$2 million payout bonanza for 1xBet player from a 44-event accumulator

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Everyone knows the children's fable of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. He found a hoard of treasure and put it to good use for the benefit of his family. So many of us have dreamed of instant riches and a fairy tale ending. 

$2 million payout bonanza for 1xBet player from a 44-event accumulator

In present-day reality, there's no need to travel to Arabia and search caves of treasure. However, in 2021 you can still become wealthy overnight by placing bets at 1xBet. 44-year-old Almaty resident Mukhazhan ventured on that path to fortune. A member at 1xBet since 2019, Mukhazhan made an incredible prediction that came true. His impressive forecast was uncannily accurate and well worth detailing here. 

A true joy to observe

The player placed wagers at one of the world's leading bookmakers, 1xBet totaling a sizable 100 thousand tenge ($238). Mukhazhan accurately predicted the outcomes of a 44 event accumulator bet, scooping up an unbelievable 876,682,300 tenge, which is equivalent to over $2 million! Such an incredible winning prize will undoubtedly attract and motivate players to place bets with 1xBet. 

$2 million payout bonanza for 1xBet player from a 44-event accumulator

In a recent interview, Mukhazhan mentioned that he bets exclusively on football. That's because he's a football player himself. Therefore, he's familiar with the rules of the game, and the results confirm that. He chose 1xBet for the variety of betting options, and freedom to bet any way is unbeatable.

There are unlimited accumulator betting options, superior odds, and you can even bet on the same team playing in different tournaments. He loves the freedom of choice, which is the reason he prefers 1xBet. 

$2 million payout bonanza for 1xBet player from a 44-event accumulator

He went on that he loves big accumulator bets since the winnings can be considerable. Nevertheless, he was on edge during the last few matches, knowing how close he was to victory. He stated that with three or four games remaining, the outcome is entirely possible, and that's when the nerves kick in! 

The final game was at night, and when everything fitted into place, he could hardly believe his own eyes. It took a while to sink in; at first, it was surreal, and he couldn't believe it. Finally, however, he woke his wife to show her what had just happened. He was delighted that the prize money appeared in his account in no time. His balance went from zero to $2 million in an instant. 

Notably, the accumulator selections weren't those with the highest odds; the largest was 1.48. The majority of the bets were for European competitions and leading European championship football favorites. The persistent tactic rewarded the forecaster generously. Mukhazhan said he would spend his winnings on charity since his wife administers a homeless animal charity in Almaty. 

The first thing he intends is to help those in need. The satisfaction of such a good deed is immeasurable, and financial help is already being provided by paying off debts at local veterinary clinics, which is a great joy. Being able to help supersedes the win itself when you see people crying with happiness from what is happening.

What does Mukhazhan intend to do with his 1xBet winnings?

Of course, not everyone can help as much; however, Mukhazhan runs a successful business and does not need to purchase luxury cars or expensive real estate.

The gain lies in the message, a desire to help those in need. According to the winner, if you go into it with positive intentions of sharing the winnings with the needy, that may be the recipe for success. In the end, everything came together perfectly, with a new millionaire appearing in Kazakhstan!

It isn't the first time 1xBet players have won astronomical payout prizes. At the start of 2020, another Almaty resident won a 9 million tenge payout at 1xBet. Nevertheless, the current 876 million has set a new record, the largest payout prize in history for online betting in Kazakhstan and the CIS. 

Mukhazhan's victory once again confirms 1xBet's leading status among global bookmakers. So make your dreams come true with a fairy tale ending at 1xBet.

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