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Slot Games That Pump in Fortunes


Slot Games That Pump in Fortunes

It is no doubt that slot games are the most popular in the entire online casino gambling ecosystem. It is massive enough that it has over 6000 variants of games as at today, games produced by some of the best games providers in the industry. Two things are certain about slot games aside from the fact that its popularity has beclouded every table games.

One is that slot games offer online casino the biggest source of income due to the number of people who play it. On the other hand, till date, no other genre of the online casino has rewarded players as much money as the slot games have. While it is a cash cow for the online casinos, it is also a life-changing terrain for players to toe.

Types Of Slot Games You Should Look Out For

In this piece, we will be looking at the different categories of slot games that you should try your hands on to increase your chances of winning and the possibilities of winning big.

1. Progressive Slots:

These are the kind of slots that eventually lead to what is called the progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot can earn you a fortune while you are just doing the simple basic. With these games, the more you bet, a certain portion of your wager keep going into a pool, same with every other player. This money keeps piling until someone hit the right combination of symbols to trigger the jackpot then win it all. After which the jackpot returns to the base amount and begins to build again. These games can make you an instant millionaire.

2. Bonus Multipliers:

Some times, having to win a jackpot might never come for you and this is usually due to the frequency at which these jackpots are triggered. But for slots with great Bonus Multipliers, you won't need the luck of Jackpot. This slot offers you several bonus multipliers to your normal win during a spin and if you are lucky you might be hitting a fortune. To stand a good chance, ensure you always bet close to the maximum bet or the maximum bet itself. This usually increases your bonus multiplier occurrences.

3. Wild Play Slots:

These are fun slots to engage in. Slot games that have Wilds are great because they are usually a substitute for the normal symbols usually associated with slot games and winnings. A lucky combination of Wilds can double, triple, quadruple and amazingly quintuple your winning, that is how bizarre you can win. Extensively, these Wild slots some times, if combined with the right symbols, can earn you some amazing bonus features hence increasing your profit.

4. Video Slot:

This slot comes with some advancement, it is also a category of slot games that go one step ahead of the regular and traditional slot especially with it paylines. For every online casino player, I believe the ultimate aim is to win or engage in games that have higher winning possibilities. This is what a video slot will offer you, while the usual slot based on reel technology offers at most 5 paylines, a video slot offers more payline from 7, 10, 20, 25, 50 and this can go on up to 100 paylines. Some video slots will shock you will 250 paylines, that is whooping!

5. Mega Spin Slots:

Just as the name connotes, this is a massive slot type that allows a player to win big by playing several slots games concurrently while on one screen. Not sure how many games providers have this type of slot available but be assured that when you see one of such, you will be winning great by simply running several spins at the same time.

6. Flat Top Slot:

These type slots are just directly opposite to the progressive jackpot slots. Like I said earlier, progressive jackpot increasing with every additional bet wager until someone hits it. However, with Flat Top Slot, the jackpot is fixed and it does not increase by an additional wager. Effectively, you won't be winning as much as the progressive jackpot, however, the booster with this Flat Top is the frequency at which it can be triggered. It is quite quicker and faster to win. This is why some players would go for this instead.

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